Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 116: Bake and deliver cookies with high school students

On Day 107, I spoke to several classrooms of high school students about this blog and doing daily acts of kindness.

Each of the students were given the assignment of doing a service project.

The next day I got a note from a student named Savannah, asking me if I would be willing to be apart of her service project! I can't even begin to explain how excited I was that 1. A young person wanted to do a kind act with me 2. A young person thought I was cool enough to do a kind act with!! Haha!

We went over some ideas and she really wanted to bake cookies and deliver them. And that we did!

Savannah and her friend Shelby came over tonight. And in true Teal fashion, there was a lot of eventful things happen. Like. Locking us out of my house when we got back from picking up the groceries. The good news is, that we keep the house tightly secure so I couldn't even break into my own house! Lol

The girls were total troopers about it and after some serious Macguyver moves, Savannah went back to the car and guess what?!! I had dropped my keys on the side floor of the car. Let's blame the pregnancy on that little faux-pas.

We finally get in the house, and started baking! Of course, we made rolo cookies! So easy, the girls loved them. We decided to call them "Lock out" cookies since we were locked out of the house for a good bit tonight :-p

Once the cookies were done, we wrote out notes and then traveled to the *Ronald McDonald house and the Gift of Life Transplant house. We were met with smiles and gratefulness.

I would have to say this experience was definitely in my top ten of neat memories. It's not only exciting to see young people involved, but you could sense and hear how genuine they were tonight too. I'm so glad they're both in my life now.

Had I not made this new years resolution, doing daily acts of kindness - I would have never met or probably crossed paths with Savannah and Shelby.

*Turns out, Ronald McDonald only accepts store bought sealed baked goods, so the cookies we made were given to volunteers :)


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