Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 115: Support The Rand Family Foundation for Tweens and Teens

Nothing went as expected today. :) this morning I woke up bleary eyed and tired, and my daughter did too. She had been up all night congested and not feeling 100%. So, instead of the normal routine, it was a scramble all day.

She went to sick daycare, with hugs and kisses in tow, I raced to make it to meet a friend for the Dalai Lama event.

When we arrived, we ended up sitting really far in the back (and we thought we were early!) I couldn't understand really anything that was said (due to the sound) but I did feel honored and humbled to be there. I plan to listen to the recording tomorrow.

Afterwards, I zoomed over to work and was met with a very busy day (and queue). By the time my work day was over, and I went to go get my daughter, my pregnant body and mind was exhausted. I had planned to go participate in the Litter Bit Better, but didn't think bringing my sick child and exhausted self was the ideal scenario.

So instead, I'm sharing, advocating and donating to an important event that occurs this Friday.


Their mission

"The Rand Family Foundation offers community and support to children whose family members are battling cancer. Established by breast cancer survivor Jenny Rand, RaFFTT aims to help children, like hers, find a place of comfort amidst the grief and worry in their lives."

Check out the invite:

Hosted by:
The Rand Family Foundation for Tweens and Teens www.randfamilyfoundationfortweensandteens.com

Friday, April 27 from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Willow Creek Golf Course
1700 48th Street
Rochester, MN 55902

Message from Host
Join the Rand Family Foundation for Tweens & Teens for “Disco Ball”—an evening of dinner, dancing and all things disco.

Even if you can't go, considering donating $25 :)


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