Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 120: Support Misophonia research

To get some background, see above link.

In short, misophonia is a sensory disorder in how a person processes sound.

I have misophonia. And just like the lady in the article, I can remember as far back at 8 years old being greatly agitated by certain sounds and not having any control over my emotions towards them.

Bubble yum is my nemesis. Popcorn in a movie theater makes me cringe. The kitchen table at dinner time can be challenging.

But I work hard to control my emotions, it's extremely difficult. I also have way to "cope". When I go to the movies, I wear a headset. First time
I was ever able to enjoy a movie. And my loved ones and friends that know me well, eat with their mouth closed and spit their gum out. One time I gave my boyfriend "the misophonia look" - he spit his gum out instantly. No contest! (sweet man <3)

I'm weird. I know :-p

I know many many people that have this now (that it's being talked about more). My own daughter has it.

So, tonight I filled out a 25 minute survey to further research on an disorder that I think needs more understanding.

I know, that had I known I had this in high school, I would have been more of an advocate for myself in a test-taking setting, etc. and the results could have been much better in the right environment.

So, I hope those out there reading this that may have misophonia, know that you're not alone :) we can be weird together!

If you know anyone that experiences misophonia, or suspect they do - encourage them to fill out this survey!

The more research, the more awareness, the more comfort and advocacy for others <3


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