Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 110: clean a counter, make a new friend, help a lady

Each day goes by and my awareness for helping people increases daily. It would have never occurred to be, before this blog, to be so aware of my surroundings and to see opportunities on how I can help or make new friends in the simplest of settings.

Today I went to target on a regular grocery shopping trip (you know those kind where you go in for milk and bread and come out with $200 of stuff you did NOT intend to buy...)

First, we went to the food court. I wanted to be sure our tummies were full so we didn't buy the entire dessert aisle out...(obviously, it didn't prevent us from still getting the desserts.)

Right before we sat down to eat, i noticed that the counters had trash on it and spills from the pop machines and icees. I cleaned it up! The people behind the counter looked busy. :)

We sat down, got comfortable and my daughter saw this girl, her brother and her mother walk up to order food. My daughter said exuberantly to me "I'm going to make a new friend!"

She walked up to the young girl an started chatting with her. She even gave her a gummy bear as a token towards the new friendship. It didnt stop there. They sat next to us and the mom and I started chatting. Turns out our daughters take dance on the same night together at the same place! Cheers to new friendships :)

As we were leaving target, it was pouring rain. Practically a tsunami! I got everything in the car (of course I was drenched) ran my cart over to the cart corral and noticed the lady before me had left an item in the cart! I ran over, knocked on her window. She opened it and I asked if it was hers. She was SO appreciative!

Today was a productive day of kindness! Glad my heart is open to it more and more :)


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