Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 113: Commit to protect the environment [earth day]

Yesterday as I was chatting with someone about ideas on what I should do for my daily acts of kindness, they mentioned that today was Earth day!

While, I've heard about this day, the environment isn't something I've really paid attention to in the past.

I, mean, I don't throw trash on the ground or anything. But, I do realize that I should be more proactive about the environment then I am. Learn more about my carbon footprint (see precious act of kindness), bring awareness and become more observant.

So, today I researched Earth day trough the EPA government site.

An excerpt I found compelling:

"Why is this important? Because many people don’t see “environmentalism” as an important issue in their lives. When actually having clean air to breathe, water to drink, and a neighborhood safe from toxics is important to ALL of us!"

Every day I try to be a better human being. Today I commit even more to do better in protecting the environment. This Tuesday, I'll be participating with United Way ELIG for Litter Bit Better - beautifying and cleaning up our community.

Visiting Duluth this weekend made me appreciate the beauty and clean majestic lake, hills, trees...

Protecting that should be our priority. It's mine now too!

Ps. Today, I got a thank you email from the couple that was a recipient of Day 98 act of kindness. I didn't know the couple personally, but they tracked my email down just to be sure they thanked me. That's incredible <3 see! Doing a simple act of kindness, letting people know they matter - you touch someone's heart and soul.


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