Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105: Paint with kids

Today I put together a painting project for the kids. I saw this button tree painting on pinterest and have been talking about it with the kids for 2 months now promising to do it.

We finally did it tonight. Art is something that I rarely do. And I know that it's probably not as emphasized as it should be in everyday society. Music and art is generally the first thing to get cut back in school.

So, today we painted and enjoyed being creative. We spent some very important one on one time with each kid. It was wonderful!

Pinterest. Bringing families back at the kitchen table. For fun projects!

Why is this an act of kindness? Well, when you really look at it, a lot of this stuff we should be doing anyways - its just not in the forefront of our minds...or something that's the most popular kid thing to do. Our kids have been so tech over- sensationalized, painting (and I'm not talking about drawsomething app on the iPhone) painting is a lost art.

Today was magical.


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