Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91: Lollipops for kids

Today we visited Grandmas house :-) enjoyed a bonfire, grilled food and amazing Neiman Marcus bars ;-)

The kids and I discussed what we should do as the act of kindness today. I figured the act would present itself like it normally does....and by george it did!!

After we left Grandmas house, I told Scott I wanted to stop by this cute little ice cream shop I saw downtown Delano, called 'Linnies Ice cream'. The kids got excited when they heard the word ice cream.

We walked in and instantly enveloped in a warm welcome. The girls picked out their ice cream, I of course, got my favorite - rocky road.

We all sat down, enjoying our cones. I looked around and noticed all the other kids. And then it hit me - opportunities present themselves - I had to do something for these kids.

So, went up to the counter, asked how much the lollipops were (reasonable price!) ok. Sold. I had our eldest daughter help pass them out.

The reactions from the kids is what really impressed and amazed me. One girl (about 11 years old) looked so genuinely appreciative. As I was explaining to her family about why we were doing this, her eyes lit up and she said enthusiastically "We do kind acts too". It made me excited and warmed my heart that looking in her eyes - She got it. At 11 years old.

There were hugs given. Parents sincere admiration and appreciation for the act of kindness shown to their kids. I KNOW that there was a true impact tonight....and it started with a lollipop.


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