Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87: Give away free wild tickets

On Day 78, I had posted about giving away free wild tickets - the goal was to inspire others to do a good deed and to submit their stories.

But I didn't receive any (don't be disappointed, I'm not - let me explain)

At first, I was a little bummed.

But then I realized that these tickets were meant for someone that is giving of themselves daily, every moment and second of the day. I noticed the sacrifices this person was making by some Facebook posts, and also noticed some hardships.

So, I sent this person a note and said I would like for him to have it.

Here's what I received back (see image below)

Yep. Even though the intent behind the initial goal of the ticket giveaway didn't transpire - what did transpire was that the person getting these tickets didn't do anything purposeful to get these tickets. He's doing these kind acts because it's the right thing to do, even when no one is looking (as the saying goes)

Day 78, Day 87 ;-)

I gave him the tickets today. And here's how thoughtful he was. He brought me a gift in thanks. Totally not necessary, but goes to show - an act of kindness goes much deeper in appreciation. You touch people's souls.


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