Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74: Help a volunteer

Volunteering is important. Donated time towards a cause or organizations helps minimize costs, impacts a community in a positive great way - but mostly - shows others that they matter.

My friend Tim is volunteering on a mission trip with the 2012 Peru mission of the International Cervical Cancer Foundation (INCCA).

INCCA volunteers provide cervical cancer prevention services at a clinic in Cusco known as CerviCusco. The clinic staff are all volunteers and include clinicians, medical students and medical residents.

The costs of volunteering are covered totally by those volunteering.

Here's the act of kindness and I could also use YOUR help. I'd like to help Tim with the list he has of items needed donated. Most are medical supplies but there are things that any one of us could give.

I'll collect the donated items until next Wednesday, March 21st. Then I'll pass them on to Tim for his big trip!

Tim, you are doing a beautiful thing - volunteering to help sustain and better women's health in Peru.

Willing to donate? Here's some suggestions:

Hand Sanitizer
Cotton balls
Q-tips/small cotton swabs
Large cotton swabs
4x4 sponges
Tampons - boxes
Medium gloves
Small gloves
Large gloves
Face masks
Sanitary pads
Spiral notepads
Scotch tape
Packing tape
Surgical tape
Table wipes
Liquid soap bottles
Scrub brushes
Air freshner
Lysol spray cans

If you are in the medical field and have access to potential donated items, there's a separate list of medical supply needs.

Comment here, Facebook me or tweet me if you can help!


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