Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86: Count your blessings

Today's act is pretty simple. Counting my blessings.

2011 was a tough year. I had a hefty medical bill, and in turn, confronted a real financial crises head on. Traded in my SUV for a better more fuel efficient car. Cut out a lot in my monthly bills. And just plain did without a lot. I truly knew what it meant to barely live pay check to paycheck. Not that I've never known that - I just thought that I wouldn't be facing it again....

But I got through it. It wasn't easy, but I had faith (and support) And every time I turned a corner where I didn't have money to do something - somehow something was presented to where I could do it. Like a friend (without knowing my situation) paying for my movie ticket. Or the other friend offering to get me a caribou. Or another friend picking up my tab for lunch.

This year is different. Sometimes sacrifice comes at a cost, but in the end - it all comes together. And you look back reflecting - I am so grateful of where I'm at now. <3

That hefty medial bill is paid off.
I'm getting offers to do things that I get paid a tad extra for.
Today was my 5 year anniversary at an employer that I love dearly (as well as my coworkers)
I have the miracle of life growing inside me.
I have good health and so does my daughter.
I have a good man standing by my side - good or bad.
I have the best of friends a girl could ask for.
The list goes on :)

For those that knew my situation and supported me - thank you.
For those that didn't know my situation, but was an angel in disguise - thank you. :)

You may wonder why I'm so open. Because I know I'm not the only one. I also know that life isn't perfect and we all can relate in some capacity. And - someone out there might be struggling.

No matter the struggle, you CAN overcome it. And you're not alone <3

Counting my blessings - on more then one hand this year. <3


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