Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 72: Tell your friends you are grateful for them.

One of the things I hold dear and close to my heart, are my friends. They're practically family.

If I needed a ride, I could call Karlys.
If I needed someone to sit beside me in the ER, I could call Alissa.
If I needed some delicious cupcakes, I could call Kary.
If I needed someone to rescue me from myself in a pool, I could call Tara.
If I needed someone to pick me up from jail, I could call Angie.
If I needed flowers to pick up my mood, Laura would send them.
If I needed someone to help with a charity I'm involved in, I know I could call every single one of you on my Facebook.

I'm grateful for all my friends. Notes have been and are getting sent out :)


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