Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67: Purge and donate toys

I never want to see a stuff toy, animal, doll again. Lol

Tonight I went through my daughter entire room from ceiling to closet to floor. That Hoarders show sure can motivate a person to purge and organize.

She was so adorable deciding between what to keep and what to donate. And she said a special goodbye to certain things that she would miss but understood the mountain of stuffed animals had to go.

And her room isn't the only room getting this spring cleaning. Mines next. And then the garage.

What better use for others to be able to enjoy things that are not being played with or used. A small child will enjoy the tiny soft rabbit or the horsey purse :)

Three things happened here:

1. Passing on and teaching my daughter acts of kindness, awareness of others needs and being generous when we have plenty to share and give

2. A clean happy home without clutter

3. Children will enjoy things were not using or playing with


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