Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198: Be a role model

Today I took my daughter to the mall. It's a great mother/daughter adventure. She's not a big shopper but she tolerates it. Mostly she just wants to play at the indoor park there. And that's where we ended up after checking out a few stores and eating. :)

While we were there my daughter quickly connected with another girl. I love seeing how kind, thoughtful and inclusive she is. It makes me proud.

They'd come over a few times and chat with me and then run off.

At dinner, I got two kids meals that had two baseball stuffed toys and threw them in my purse. When my daughter came back around, I asked her if we should give one of the toys to the new friend (as long as it was ok with her mom) as our act of kindness to the girl. My daughter got super excited, ran over to the other mother and got the ok.

They continued to play, enjoying their new toys. Eventually the girl left and my daughter fleeted around like a butterfly, interacting with other kids, looking joyful.

As her time was coming to a close, she ran to me suddenly and with a serious joyful tone said: "momma! I just did an act of kindness! I told that girl that I liked her dress and she looked beautiful!"

My daughter ran back off and I sat there beaming with pride. That's ma' girl.


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