Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 192: Lunch and Dinner on me

For lunch I enjoyed the company of my friend and coworker LaVonne. I know I've mentioned her before but want to touch on what a truly kind generous person she is. She's the motherly type. I suppose I instantly gravitated to her because her motherly instinct and kind heart reminds me so much of my own personal hero and only mother I really had in my grandmother. I took care of lunch today.

Tonight I was running around trying to find clothes to fit my ever-evolving body from pregnancy. I found a gorgeous black dress at Savers. I'm excited to wear it.

Afterwards, I went to chipotle. The guy behind the counter chatted with me asking the usual "When are you due?" my response "Not soon enough." lol I noticed this woman that was next in line. She was really patient while the man and I chatted. Most people would get annoyed and want to rush random bantering in a food line like that.

Not her. She was gracious. Smiled. And murmured support to me.

When I got to the cash register I quietly told the staff person that I wanted to take care of the woman next to me order.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the woman getting her card read to pay for hers. I had a huge grin on my face as things were paid up. Right before I left, I turned to the woman, and said "Every day I do an act of kindness, I took care of your dinner, have a wonderful rest of the day"

She was so surprised, and what I found surprising myself - she accepted with ease and said thank you about a billion times.


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