Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 195: Feed a toad

Scott's been feeding this toad the last couple of times he's been here. Tonight he went outside to enjoy the cool breeze. And the toad, which he named Frank, was back! Scott proceeded to feed him more bugs! And then he convinced me to feed Frank too! He snagged a bug for me and I almost didn't do it. The bug looked like it had a stinger on it! But Scott transferred the bug to me via the wings. As soon as I bent over, frank jumped away! It was obvious that he got use to Scott. I leaned forward a bit more holding this bug in my hand and wanting to get rid of it stat! Lol

I dropped it in front of frank :)

We should be kind to toads too :-p It was nice to get close to nature and amazing to watch Frank dart his tongue out to accept the bugs Scott gave. :) I can't believe I just fed a toad!!


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