Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 327: Visit a nursing home for Thanksgiving

Since my eldest daughter was headed to thanksgiving dinner with her dad, it was just Madi and I to take on the world. I decided to go to a nursing home (at first we wanted to serve thanksgiving dinner through the salvation army, but they already were at capacity for volunteers! great problem to have)

So, I posted on facebook asking if anyone would like to join. Karlys, Tammy and Kristin jumped on it.

We went to the Charter House (retirement home and for assisted living). It was an absolute joy to visit today. This will be a yearly tradition for my girls and I, and any friends that would like to join.

While we visited, a man gave us $20 to buy more flowers to hand out. He said "Thanks for what you're doing, I want you to use this to keep doing the beautiful thing you're doing". We obliged. We go more flowers and handed out even more hugs.


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