Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 321: In memory of my niece

Eleven years ago, I received a phone call that woke me up from my sleep. I knew instantly something was wrong. I just had a feeling.

It was my sister on the other line.

My niece, her first born daughter Adelynn was born still.

I couldn't get down there fast enough.

I got to hold her. She was perfect. Too beautiful for this world.

In memory of Adelynn, I pledged to donate money to Faiths lodge (again). This retreat provides sanctuary to parents that have children leave this earth before them. <3

Also visited some friends that had a premie (she's 7 lbs now! Was 3lbs ) dropped off newborn diapers I no longer needed and some sleepers that were brand new that Madison never got to wear since she's growing like crazy!


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