Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 308: A gift for a little girl behind me in line

I got another mommy break! Thank you Karlys :) I ran some quick errands, one of those was a stop at Target to return some things and pick up the new Tinkerbell movie for my daughter to surprise her.

As I was checking out, there was a mom and her daughter in line behind me. Their stuff almost accidentally got merged with mine as the cashier was running my items through. I spoke up and said "Oh no, that's their stuff...(and then I noticed a little Barbie toy) except for the Barbie toy. Put that on mine"

The mom spoke up and said "Oh, that's ours"

I said "I know. I do an act of kindness every day. I wanted to get that for your daughter" <3

She was so surprised, said "thank you" and I told her, "I have a daughter close to your daughters age. She loves those barbies, have a great night"


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