Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 332: Contribute towards a friends documentary

I saw that a friend needed stories about online dating for his documentary that he was working on. I sent him a note offering to contribute! After going back and forth, I was able to share my story from using, dating the person and the end result of my experience with online dating.

While, obviously, this last situation online dating didn't end well, I would recommend it for anyone out there. There's plenty of people to meet and online dating just expands your options <3

You'll see me on there again when the time is right. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 331: Sympathies to a friend

One of my high school classmates father passed away suddenly. I sent a note to her passing on my condolences but to also let me know if she needed anything.

In response, she sent me the below message. This is just proof that any act, big or small, has a significant impact

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 330: Spend time and get creative with my daughter

Today I spent time with my daughter making headbands! My friend, Becky, had given her this headband making gift set. I kept telling D that her and I would sit down and do it. It's a bit challenging (as I have expressed in other posts) trying to find the time when your newborn demands alot of attention and care!

But we did and I could tell D felt uber special. I made a green headband with hot pink feathers on it and a green rhinestone. D made several headbands too. She was so cute sporting her headbands and modeling them as if she was walking down a runway.

This photo below spoke to me as I am sure it will you too

Day 329: Let another woman know she's incredible

Awhile back I had a friends mom add me on facebook. I noticed her posts and incredible perseverance. She had a liver transplant in her 30's and got a second chance at life.

What I found impressive was that she really "got it". She was really living her life and contributing back in this word. I attended a little party she had today and told her just that. It's nice to affirm and take notice of someone that really recognizes that it's not just living daily that counts - it's what we're doing during those seconds in the days that do!

Melanie, thanks for being YOU!

Day 328: Reconnect and support a friend

I noticed in my news feed a guy friend of mine that was experiencing something similar to my situation. I reached out to him and let him know I was praying for peace and closure so he can continue to move forward.

He and I have talked non-stop since we connected. It's been great to give him support and know how much it's meant to him.

Day 327: Visit a nursing home for Thanksgiving

Since my eldest daughter was headed to thanksgiving dinner with her dad, it was just Madi and I to take on the world. I decided to go to a nursing home (at first we wanted to serve thanksgiving dinner through the salvation army, but they already were at capacity for volunteers! great problem to have)

So, I posted on facebook asking if anyone would like to join. Karlys, Tammy and Kristin jumped on it.

We went to the Charter House (retirement home and for assisted living). It was an absolute joy to visit today. This will be a yearly tradition for my girls and I, and any friends that would like to join.

While we visited, a man gave us $20 to buy more flowers to hand out. He said "Thanks for what you're doing, I want you to use this to keep doing the beautiful thing you're doing". We obliged. We go more flowers and handed out even more hugs.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 326: Put a cart away for a stranger

It's the night before thanksgiving! My friend Karlys watched my daughter for me so I could run some errands and get a break in. Being a 24/7 single parent - you're always on - no breaks! Unless your child is sleeping and in which case most of the time they're on your shoulder or lap! She's worth it. :)

So, I ran to target to pick up milk. As I was leaving, I ran my cart to the cart corrall. I noticed another woman starting to bring hers over. I went over to her and said if take it! She looked happy to oblige and get back in her car. :)

Day 325: Channel one food drive

My daughters school did a food drive today for channel one. She was SO excited to bring donations to school.
She has learned so much in the last year about acts of kindness and realizes the impact and magnitude of doing them!

We put some can goods in her pack back. As I watched her walk into her school, I felt so much pride knowing that she gets it. She really does <3

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 324: Help Matt Pohler

Please consider helping this young man <3 I had seen a friend of my sisters post about this on my sisters wall on Facebook. He's so young. Has so much more life to live.

Here's his story:

"On November 13th, Matt Pohler's life was turned upside down. He was tentatively diagnosed with ALL - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and flown to MD Anderson. The latest info we have, is that his kidneys are in bad shape because of the extremely high white blood cell count. The numbers were brought down overnight, but doctors expect that to be temporary until aggressive chemo is administered. With his family at his side, Matt's been told that he will be in the hospital for the next week to 10 days, and after that he will need to be 20 min from hospital for about a month during the chemo treatments due to immediate need for blood transfusions and the fragility of his immune system."

Any help is welcomed - big or small! They're close to the amount set!

Day 323: Brunch for friend

My friend Tara came over for brunch. I love her. Her laughter is infectious, one if those loud abrupt laughs that makes you grin as soon as you hear it!

I made Reese's peanut butter cup pancakes (was going to make monster pancakes but apparently ate all the m & m's :-o) scrambled deluxe eggs and turkey bacon. It was pretty much awesome. :) Tara loved it :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 322: Formula coupons mailed to a friend

Ok. I'm caught up on posting these entries! I tell ya, with a 5 week old, it's challenging finding the time to even post a simple blog entry! I still make sure I get my acts of kindness in <3

Today I mailed formula coupons to a friend that had expressed a need for them. Formula is expensive! I've been exclusively breastfeeding Madison, so I don't have a need for the coupons I get in the mail from Similac and Enfamil. Another friend of mine sent over her coupons too, and I mailed about $50 worth of coupons to my friend that needed them. :) free money! Who's excited! :)

Day 321: In memory of my niece

Eleven years ago, I received a phone call that woke me up from my sleep. I knew instantly something was wrong. I just had a feeling.

It was my sister on the other line.

My niece, her first born daughter Adelynn was born still.

I couldn't get down there fast enough.

I got to hold her. She was perfect. Too beautiful for this world.

In memory of Adelynn, I pledged to donate money to Faiths lodge (again). This retreat provides sanctuary to parents that have children leave this earth before them. <3

Also visited some friends that had a premie (she's 7 lbs now! Was 3lbs ) dropped off newborn diapers I no longer needed and some sleepers that were brand new that Madison never got to wear since she's growing like crazy!

Day 320: Icecream for dinner

Tonight I had to take my daughter to get her hair cut. She's in a wedding this weekend as a flower girl. A very special wedding at that. My little family of three has been "adopted" into this family. It will be a joy to watch my daughter walk down the aisle in her beautiful dress. She's been made to feel like a princess <3

For fun, I took her to get Icecream for dinner. You can't beat that "meal" for dinner!! She loved it!

Day 319: Warm cookies for support group

Yep. I started attending a single parent support group. It's been such a great resource, outlet and support. I am able to bring my daughters with, Madi stays with me (so I can nurse her as needed) and D gets to play with other kids.

I brought warm chocolate chip cookies to the group tonight. <3 I am so appreciative of them and want to be sure I show them in the way of an act of kindness. <3

Day 318: Message a friend

I had a friend from high school share that he needed prayers.

I sent him a note tonight to let him know I continue to keep him in my prayers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 317: Comfy socks for my friend

It goes without saying, I have be best of friends a girl could ask for.

My friend Tara came over to give me a much needed single momma reprieve :)

I know she would never expect anything in return for watching Madi while I go take a breather, but I got her some comfy socks. She had been at my house before and asked to borrow some while she was here and she loved them! So I figured she probably didn't have any.

She loved them! They have frogs on them and super soft.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 316: Pay the 45 cents owed on postage

Someone had mailed my roommate a card and forgot to put the 45 cent postage on it. I saw the envelope from the mailman and threw the money owed in the envelope :)

Day 315: Contribute towards a gift card

I joined a single parenting group last week. It's been so nice to connect with other people that have had similar experiences and understand.

Today I attended a thanksgiving dinner with the group. It was partially a going away for one of them that's moving. Everyone chipped in and got a gift card.

It's interesting how life takes different paths, places completely different people in your life at just the right moments. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 314: How can I help?

Oh, what a day. In the midst of dealing with some negativity, I had kindness bestowed on my family. It's true when they say that things happen right when you need them, and they did! I received an email from my sister and friend Megan. A bunch of my friends pooled together and got Madi a gift card for diapers (very much needed!) a giftcard to a store for Destiny and I. I couldn't even see my phone screen from the tears blurring the display. Thank YOU all for making my girls and I a random act of kindness!

Tonight as I was sending out quick Facebook messages of thanks, I noticed a status from a friend feeling discouraged and defeated. I sent her a message directly asking how I could help.

It seems no one is exempted from obstacles or challenges, huh? <3

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 313: Send an e-card

In my facebook newsfeed, a friend had a status about a challenging situation she was dealing with.

I sent her an ecard to let her know I was thinking of her ( inspired by Ryan's kind act towards me!)

Ecards are a quick easy way to let someone know you care!

Day 312: Surprise! I just bought your order

I was in a hurry. I went through McD's drive thru, Madi was on the verge of the "waking up she'd want to nurse stat" meltdown. I knew it was a ticking baby time bomb in the back seat. :)

As I finished ordering, I pulled forward at the same time as the guy next to me. He waved kindly to let me go before him.

I decided that kindness should not go unappreciated and returned the favor. I bought his order :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 311: Rocked my vote

I'm proud to be an American and even prouder to have the freedom to vote. Little miss went with me to the polls. I bet she was one of the youngest at the polls :)

When I arrived, I checked to see if I was registered and I wasn't. I went to the register line. While I was filling out my form, there were other people in line waiting. I noticed that the people behind the table were too busy verifying/registering voters that they didn't see the effectiveness with passing out the form so others could e ready by the time they needed to be verified. I decided to hand out the forms :-p

We all know who won at this point. My only comment is, work on that deficit so our future is bright for generations like my daughters and their children.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 310: Research my vote

Today I've been researching my vote. I pulled up my sample ballot ahead of time so I'm fully informed and prepared to vote for who I feel are the best leaders for my county, state and country.

It's important to vote, but to also e informed. <3

Day 309: Support a friend in their relationship

It's interesting, every relationship has it challenges. It takes work, consistency and steadfast dedicated love. I'm discovering that the ones that last just plain don't give up. :)

I have a friend who's own relationship is having its particular obstacles. He's posted statuses that are truly raw, very real and no ones exempted from their own similar experiences.

I've been responding. I'm rooting you two on. Life is too short, especially when you know you've got the right person by your side. Keep fighting for it!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 308: A gift for a little girl behind me in line

I got another mommy break! Thank you Karlys :) I ran some quick errands, one of those was a stop at Target to return some things and pick up the new Tinkerbell movie for my daughter to surprise her.

As I was checking out, there was a mom and her daughter in line behind me. Their stuff almost accidentally got merged with mine as the cashier was running my items through. I spoke up and said "Oh no, that's their stuff...(and then I noticed a little Barbie toy) except for the Barbie toy. Put that on mine"

The mom spoke up and said "Oh, that's ours"

I said "I know. I do an act of kindness every day. I wanted to get that for your daughter" <3

She was so surprised, said "thank you" and I told her, "I have a daughter close to your daughters age. She loves those barbies, have a great night"

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 307: Help another mom with spilled milk

After I picked D up from school, we went grocery shopping. Of course, little M was in tow too. :) It never fails, when we go somewhere in Rochester, I either know someone or D does.I saw friends. D saw friends. We chatted with them. I love Rochester so much. I'm so happy this is our home. <3

Here's how incredible D is. M slept the entire time while we grocery shopped - except righttttt when we got to the check out lane. Of course that's when she'd wake up! Lol. As I was trying to unload the grocery cart and not be "one of those parents that has a baby crying", D quietly goes over to her sister and puts her pacifier in M's mouth. I looked over at my daughters and felt so much awe.

As we were about to leave I looked at D and knew I needed to do something special for. I asked her if she wanted to eat out, and we did. As we were at our table we noticed a mom trying to wrangle in her two daughters. One of the daughters was very exuberant...she ended up knocking over her drink and it went all over. I could tell the mom was stressed. We handed her some napkins quick and I smiled at her, knowing all to well what she was feeling.

We leave and arrive home. I knew M's diaper needed to be changed. I laid M on the changing pad, and D sat next to her while I unloaded the groceries from the car. By the time I got to them, D had already changed M's diaper - perfectly.

I now know why God sent me D years before I would have M. I'm pretty sure God knew I'd need D now. That she'd be the hope, love and spirit I would need in her tiny little self. I'm so thankful for her.

We showed a bit of kindness to another mom, and my daughter showed me kindness too.

Life is good <3

Day 306: Posts daily statuses of thanks on my Facebook

November kicks of Thanksgiving - in turn, I decided to join the status posts of posting daily what I'm thankful for.

No matter whats going on in my life, I have so much to be thankful for. Doing this daily will be a reminder of all my blessings. :)

Day 305: Drop off warm cookies to my daughters school

I dropped off warm peanut butter cup cookies at my daughter school for the volunteers that take care of the kids after school.

They loved them! And especially because they were warm <3